Welcome to Indygo. We convert ideas and concepts into practical, cost-effective solutions.

"No idea for a product could ever be so clever as the ones you can discover by smashing a beam of prototypes into a beam of users."
- Paul Graham

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"Create world class products in India for India" is our mission.

We believe in small and simple - less is more. We believe in KISS. We believe that one needs passion to create anything worthy. We believe that money is only the byproduct of providing something of quality to the end-user. We believe that customers are THE kings and queens. We believe in teams which can complete each other's sentences. We believe in geeks who love what they do - Develop, Grow; products that are world class. And by investing in them, we invest in the products that get built. And we are always looking for people who believe in what we believe.


Yoda, who believes
truth lies in the code


Customer lover,
Sports lover,
Philosophy lover


Sky is the limit,
and loves the cloud!